The Autoflexor

Helping Patients Bend One Degree At A Time.

A state-of-the-art device designed to accelerate knee rehabilitation. It allows for early, easily controlled knee range of motion which is managed by the patient.

The AutoFlexor

AutoFlexor is a cost effective, easy to use, valuable tool for any clinic or training room. Your patients and athletes will love it as they gain more autonomy over their rehabilitation goals.

AutoFlexor Features:

• The remote control allows the patient to progress comfortably through
the range of motion.

• The easy to read scale allows patient and clinician to monitor progress
objectively and set new goals.

• Non-slip foot pads

• It only weighs 30 pounds, is portable and can be used for home based
therapy and clinical rehabilitation.

• Equally comfortable for left or right foot.

• No need to be restrained or strapped into the chair.

• Chair can be moved forward or backward to accommodate patients
from 5 ft. to 7 ft. tall.

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Our promise to you:
AutoFlexor is a precision designed piece of rehabilitation equipment. It will empower your clients with peace of mind that they are in control of their program. The AutoFlexor will be an excellent addition to your program and is fully guaranteed for 3 years from date of delivery.

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