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Low Country Physical Therapy Is OPEN For Business

Physical Therapy is an essential part of the healthcare system here on the Grand Strand. Not only are we still able to provide our patients the best physical therapy, we are also helping our community taking care of patients in our facility to keep them out of the hospital or urgent care centers to free up space for those in need who have been affected by this terrible virus. You are the most important advocate of your healthcare team and know how important physical therapy is for your recovery from surgery or just helping you maintain your healthy lifestyle while keeping yourself in the right state of mind and body. We take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously which is why we are following all the necessary procedures and guidelines handed down by the Centers of Disease Control and our Governor in order to keep you, our patients, and our entire staff safe and healthy during this difficult time.

Low Country Physical Therapy takes pride in being the #1 Physical Therapy Center on the Grand Strand for the past 6 years, not just because we have the best therapists and support staff, but we also pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our clinics. As we maintain our high standards, we are diligently following the steps below to ensure you and our staff stay healthy, safe, and have a positive experience while you are here.

We are following the latest guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control by:

• Taking all staff, patient, and visitors’ temperatures.

• We have set up sanitizing stations throughout our clinics.

• Therapists and staff are washing their hands before and after treating patients, and in between.

• Cleaning all doorknobs, light switches, equipment, and all surfaces after every use with medical-grade anti-virual cleaners.

• Using clean and dirty signs to allow patients and staff to know if something has not been sanitized, so it can be before proceeding.

• Scheduling elderly patients at convenient and low traffic times.

• Practicing social distancing when hands on care is not necessary.

• Offering private treatment rooms if a patient does not wish to be in the gym area.

• Home Visits for those who are not comfortable coming into the clinic or those who are at high risk due to other health issues or age.

• E-Visits are available. An E-Visit is an online exchange of medical information between you and your therapist. The patient must contact their therapist and request this type of service. It is at no charge to the patient and is covered by health insurance.

• We also have a new App for your phone through our EMR system called OptimumMe. OptimumMe allows our patients to receive their HEP (Home Exercise Program), a calendar to know which days they should do their exercises, tells them how many times and reps they should do, videos to know they are doing it correctly, sends alert messages to remind them when to do their exercises, and a way to offer feed back to their Physical Therapist which goes directly in their chart. This App also lets your therapist know if you are compliant with your daily exercises.

As we continue to receive updates from the Centers of Disease Control, we will continue to update all our patients.
We thank all of you in advance for trusting us with all your physical therapy needs!

Melissa Patton, P.T., D.P.T.
Director and Owner of Low Country Physical Therapy